About PMG

Mr. Bill Greenman, President

Bill has over 30 years Millwright and Engineering experience, from equipment technician, plant manager, to Director of Maintenance.

I know the importance and value of keeping your assets operating at peak performance and ensuring that efficient processes have a positive impact on the bottom line.

PMG works with smaller operations as their maintenance/service partner in spaces up to and including 500,000 square feet with a full maintenance team.

PMG works with food companies with shops of 1000 square feet, as well as large companies like Maple Leaf Foods with 500,000 square feet of space.

Within these larger companies that have full maintenance staff, PMG provides shift relief for those on vacation or sick leave. PMG maintains machinery and repairs malfunctioning equipment.

The core of our business is to service medium-sized companies. We are a mobile service company of millwright/industrial mechanics. Call PMG to answer any questions or schedule a service call today.